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Make Sure You ‘Tick’ The Right Box

How to avoid the Paralysis Tick  causing more than 500 canine deaths a year Tick paralysis – it is one of the top causes of EASILY PREVENTABLE deaths in our pets, especially over the next two seasons. Five hundred deaths(!) annually amongst our canine population, with...

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Lumpitty- bumpitty

Local Vet at Monty and Minx Calamvale Vets teaches you how to look for lumps on your pets coat  Most of us have had the experience of going “Oh, what’s this thing?” as we are brushing through the coats of our furry friends and come across a lump that we never knew...

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Before you bring a puppy into your home

Choosing a puppy as an addition to the family is one of life's absolute joys. But that little fluffy bundle also brings major responsibility. With some thoughtful preparation and well laid out planning, you can give your dog a great head start to life, and ensure...

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Cat Visit Friendly

We know that wellness care for our pets saves lives and improves the quality of life by catching problems early. It also saves money. But while pet lovers are increasingly aware of these benefits, cats aren’t getting their fair share of care. This is not because their...

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Is Your Pet a Spring Sufferer?

Spring is here! And with the perfect Brisbane weather, it is a great time for dogs who just love to go out and enjoy the open areas. Since it follows the cold and miserable Winter, it is the time when dogs suddenly ‘spring’ into activity. They transform from curled up...

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