At the beginning of 2019, as a B1G1 Business For Good, we incorporated purpose and meaning to our business through giving.

By giving for every call we answered in the clinic, we were able to to make 15800 impacts including giving street dogs medication and vaccinations against rabies and providing hay for rescued animals.

We are very proud to have been given the opportunity to help even in a small way.

And the best part? You don’t have to do anything.  

Simply by bringing your pets to us, you’ll automatically make giving a part of your life too!


Our Giving Goals for 2020




Every time you bring a puppy or kitten for a health check at our clinic we will provide drinking water for a family in Cambodia.

The poorest families in rural villages often don’t have access to potable water, relying on natural waterways to meet their needs.

Regularly ill from preventable water-borne illnesses such as diarrhea, they find themselves unable to go to work or school for extended periods of time, and often families have to take out loans to cover everyday bills or even larger loans to pay for medical treatment.

The opportunity cost of these loans is too often a daughters education. By providing a water filter, you are giving the gift of safe drinking water, ongoing health, and financial security.

We also continue to support our local community here in Australia and so, we providing daily hay for the rescued animals through Edgar’s Mission. 

Make a world of difference to rescued animals by providing a daily staple: hay. With hundreds of animals dependent on us, hay is an essential ingredient to complement grazing. Horses, cows, goats, and sheep all love to chomp on this golden delight! 

When you bring your pet in for a vaccination you also provide hay for a rescued animal. 

Education is key to our future and so every time we answer a call from you, we will donate towards educating people about proper animal care.

We are excited that together we can make a difference in this world.

Keep up to date with our giving by visiting our live b1g1 giving page

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