Ticks kill…Heartworms kill…Fleas and Intestinal Worms cause terrible disease and can infest your human family too!

The Challenges
Ticks are tough little buggers and can crawl anywhere- even inside your house! They are most active in the warmer months. Ticks attach to the skin and inject a toxin that can paralyse and can even kill your pet within a few days. Daily tick searches and tick prevention are a must for every pet.

Heartworm is spread by a single bite from a carrier mosquito. It can kill your cat or dog and has been increasing in numbers recently. It is easy and cost effective to prevent but very difficult and expensive to treat once they have it.

Intestinal worms are a constant irritation to both indoor and outdoor pets. They invade the intestines and attach themselves, so you will not know when they are there. They lay thousands of eggs a day. Many intestinal worms will pass on to us humans because we share a close relationship with our furry children.

Fleas are more active during the warmer months. They will not be apparent until they are in large numbers and hard to control. An adult female flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day. Prevention is best.
We have some great simple new solutions with changes in the product market. We want to keep it simple for you and we have a great reminder system to help you.

Some products on the market claim to be an all-in-one parasite prevention, this is untrue. There is no product out there that will cover every single parasite. Unfortunately, you have to use a combination of products.

We have made it as easy as 1-2-3! Really simple!

1. Annual heartworm injection
Costs about the same as monthly tablets or spot ons but is a much better form of control because there is less chance to forget or have it wash off. Almost everyone is switching over to the annual heart worm injection for convenience and better protection. We will remind you by mail when it is due – once a year.

2. Flea and Tick Control every three months
– Bravecto chewable tablet for dogs.
Other products need to be used fortnightly, are easily forgotten and cost you more.The best thing about this product is that it is chewable and it doesn’t matter if your pooch gets bathed, has a swim, or just likes to roll around in the grass or on your carpet. We send out SMS reminders when it’s due – every 3 months.

3. Intestinal worming
We recommend Drontal, or Milbemax in a chewable or tablet form. These are given every 3 months and can be used at the same time as Bravecto. We send out SMS reminders – every 3 months.

A quick note on supermarket and pet shop parasite control…
There are a lot of products on the market, some are great and others are terrible. It is very difficult to know which is which and also to get the right advice about which are safe based on your pets health condition. Many people have saved a few dollars buying products online or at the supermarket, only to spend hundreds or even thousands at a vet clinic or emergency hospital, because the products were incorrect or were used inappropriately. Please don’t make this mistake. We only stock the best quality products and pride ourselves in giving you the best advice based on your pets health needs. We always looks for ways to make parasite control more affordable and convenient for you, without compromising on your animals care.

Ticks cause more than 500 canine deaths a year
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