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Veterinary Consults

Consultations involve a one-on-one discussion with the vet of your choice about the health and behavioural concerns of your furry family. A standard consultation is 20 minutes and during this time, your pet will have a thorough health check. We have also extended our consulting hours on weekdays to make sure we can fit you in at a time that best suits you.

Monty & Minx don’t like to admit it, but they, along with their furry friends, age quite rapidly. Since 1 year in the life of a dog or cat is roughly equivalent to 7 years in the life of a human, it’s very important to have your pet’s health checked twice a year – this is roughly the same as a human going to the doctor every 3.5 years!

What happens in a standard veterinary consultation?
Our expert vet will give your pet a careful physical examination, calmly and quietly to put your pet at ease. We’ll look at issues you may be aware of and also check for any other signs of a problem. If we can, we’ll treat the problem right away, but sometimes we’ll organise for further testing like an X-ray or a blood test – which we can do in-house to allow for quick and convenient diagnosis.

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