Pet Medical Imaging

Vet Radiography (X-rays)

Monty & Minx Calamvale Vet’s clinic is fully equipped with an x-ray machine, which is a very important tool used in the diagnosis of diseases in pets, including bone fractures or breaks, soft tissue or cancerous masses, chest conditions, abdominal conditions and heart conditions, just to name a few. Although every measure will be taken to ensure that your furry baby’s x-ray experience is as comfortable and stress-free as possible, sometimes our patients require sedation or an anaesthetic to help produce good quality x-rays. When this is needed, one of Monty & Minx’s nurses will be with your pet at all times to monitor them during the x-ray procedure and make sure they have a smooth recovery.

Vet Ultrasonography

In addition to have radiographic equipment, the clinic is also fully equipped with an ultrasound machine. We also have access to a specialist who visits the clinic if a referral is needed. Ultrasound procedures are painless and non-invasive, and use high frequency sound waves to produce high quality images of structures and internal organs within the body. This type of diagnostic tool is particularly useful in diagnosing conditions of the abdomen, heart, genital system, gastrointestinal system, eyes and many other organs.

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