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Puppy Pre-School

Have you just welcomed a new addition to your furry family in the form of a new puppy? Well, firstly, congratulations! To help you and your puppy adjust, we’re offering new and improved Puppy Pre-School classes which are held at the clinic.

Did you know that puppies start learning from the age of 2 weeks, and that their peak learning period lasts until they reach 12-14 weeks of age?

This means that by the time you’ve acquired your new puppy, they might have already begun to develop some bad habits.

Puppy Pre-School classes are therefore a great way to teach your puppy ideal behaviours and help them become well-mannered, well-adjusted adults.

During class they can interact and socialise with other puppies and learn acceptable behaviours and how to act appropriately. This chance for them to meet their social and behavioural needs is particularly beneficial if your puppy did not grow up with their mother and/or littermates and was hand raised.

Puppy Pre-School also introduces them to other humans in a safe and fun environment, which can help alleviate any fears or aggressive behaviour.

Monty & Minx’s Puppy Pre-School classes are held over a four week period at the clinic on Saturdays.  We cater for puppies between the ages of 6-14 weeks, providing they are up-to-date with their vaccinations.  Classes are conducted by Senior Veterinarian Shibly Mustapha, who will take you through a four week course to cover basic commands (e.g. sit, stay, come, drop, walking on a lead), basic health needs of puppies (e.g. vaccinations, microchipping, parasite control, nutrition, etc.) and normal behaviour for puppies.

SlimFit Program

Monty & Minx understand that some pets seem to develop a love affair with food, which can often result in a few extra kilos! Obesity is a much more common disease than is realised in Australia. Some causes can include overfeeding and not enough exercise, but obesity can also be caused by genetic predisposition and diseases.

There are also some factors such as breed, age, neuter status, gender and environment that can predispose pets to gain an unhealthy amount of weight. Obesity can cause serious health and animal welfare problems, including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and respiratory disease, as well as reducing both the length and quality of an animal’s life.

If you think your furry baby might be overweight, you can sign them up to a FREE weight loss program (SlimFit Pet Program) to assist them in shedding those unwanted kilos. Throughout their weight loss journey, they’ll have regular trips to the clinic for weight checks, at which point our veterinary nurse and SlimFit Pet Consultant Renee will update you on their progress, offer advice on what you should be feeding and how much, and what type of exercise will most benefit your pet (and fit in with your schedule!).

You’ll also receive complimentary reminders about weight check appointments, written updates about your pet’s progress, and once your pet has reached their goal weight, they’ll receive a certificate of achievement for their hard work as well as a photo of their new and healthier selves!

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