Like dogs, cats are also capable of almost the same activities such as being trained, engaged in play and even walked or hiked with.

However, it’s easy to get a bit frustrated  with a cat as they need need more patience and understanding especially towards their preferred style of play and learning.

Cats and kittens that lack social enrichment often try to find their own fun and can get themselves into a lot of trouble around the house due to unused excess energy and imagination.  In the long term, cats that lack enrichment may become reclusive or aggressive with people and other pets.

What's cat enrichmentSocial enrichment comes in various forms and these simple adjustments at home that can make your cat’s life more entertaining and fulfilling: 

  • Place a bird feeder outside of your window and set up a comfy spot by the window sill – Alternative: Play videos of birds or fish in tanks for visual enrichment
  • Keep a screened window open for them to hear birds and small creatures scurry around – Alternative: Play sounds of birds and woodland creatures / calming cat music
  • Give them some catnip (i.e. dried form, spray or actual plant) or cat pheromones (for anxious and fearful cats).
  • Hide treats around the house and encourage their keen senses to hunt for them
  • Train them with a specific smell and search for it
  • For cats who prefer indoors, get a window box that sits in your window to allow your cat to experience the sights and smells of the outdoors as they please but close to the house for their comfort
  • For adventurers, give them a walk on a harness and leash
  • Catios are enclosed areas that your cat can spend time in outside
  • Place scratching posts made of sisal rope or cardboard in locations that the cat is being destructive 
  • Provide many different types of cat toys (i.e. rotate toys) to keep your cat busy
  • Interactive toys such as automated cat toys, a mouse and a bug or butterflies flying in the air to activate other senses in your cat
  • Have a safe spot for cat trees, perches, and shelves to create a comfortable place for your cat to relax as many cats feel safer when they have a higher spot to look out from
  • Give them puzzle toys with different ways to hunt for their food. This would engage their natural instincts to “work” for their food.
  • Teach them cat tricks to stimulate their minds and give them physical exercise

Always guide and supervise your cat when giving all these activities, toys, and food. Make sure they are safe for your cat. If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.